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Consultancy for Coal Mine Methane
Coal Mine Methane Evaluation
We provide consultancy for coal mine methane (CMM) projects and Clients have requested assistance in degassing coal seams before and during longwall mining operations and in evaluating the CMM recovery potential of both active and abandoned underground mines. With hundreds of active underground mines and thousands of abandoned mines, the population of possible gas recovery projects is large and potential reserves are significant.

We geologists and engineers are able to model potential gas recoveries from a variety of mine configurations, provided that basic geologic data and mine parameters are known or can be reasonably assumed. After reviewing such information, mathematical models are developed that forecast production and predict future cash flows. Similar reserve and deliverability modeling can be accomplished prior to mining or for sealed mine areas that may have significant remaining gas reserves after abandonment. In short, we are fully qualified to prepare CMM development plans with estimations of capital expenditures and operating costs.