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Training for CBM / Shale Gas
Sr No. Training Areas Duration
1 A. CBM Exploration Techniques, Resource and Reserves estimation techniques: Latest industry practice 3 Days
  B. Reservoir simulation using Comet-3 reservoir simulator

Importing of Geological Model and simulation of same.
Multiple well simulation techniques/field simulation model   creation
Horizontal well modeling

Production enhancement modeling
   i. Hydraulic fracturing
   ii. Cavitation completion modeling
   iii. ECBM modeling using N2/CO2 injection

Production history matching
   i. Single well models
   ii. Multiple well models

Estimation of reserves 1p, 2p and 3p as per SPE guidelines.
5 days
2 C. CBM well testing analysis

QC of well testing data.
CBM specific flow models
Log log diagnostic plots
Type curve analysis
Semi log plots and analysis
2 Days
3 D. Tour operating Facility 2 Days