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Offshore Grouting Services
We deliver complete and tailored solutions for managing the integrity of subsea pipelines. Our team of engineers works in close collaboration with the clients for implementation of cost-efficient pipeline free-span mitigation measures to ensure bottom stability of their subsea pipelines.

The Grout Plant is a Compact Grouting Unit designed to weigh and mix water and dry cement to prepare excellent quality slurry for grout bag filling and other various grouting works. The plant comprises of Surge Tank, Mixing Tank, Circulating Pump, Holding Tank, Grout Pump complete with piping, weighing system and control panel. These accessories are mounted on 4 mtrs. x 2 mtrs. x 2.5 mtrs. container skid along with operating platform.

Required quantity of water is fed to the Mixing Tank by direct water line. The required quantity of dry cement from the Storage Silo is transferred pneumatically to the Surge Tank mounted on top of the Mixing Tank. The weighed quantity of dry cement from the Surge Tank is slowly added to water collected in the Mixing Tank, by manually opening the outlet valve of the Surge Tank. The cement and water in the Mixing Tank is mixed thoroughly by operating the Motor Driven Agitator / Mixer and Circulating Pump, till the required density of the slurry is obtained. Sample tests of the slurry are done by Mud Balance for several times to confirm the density. After confirmation of required density the prepared slurry is transferred to the Holding Tank through the Circulating Pump. The prepared slurry is kept homogenized and retained at the same density by the agitator / mixer in the Holding Tank till it is pumped out through the Grout Pump for filling the grout bags.